Anti-LGBTQ+ Action by Patterson School Board

Patterson USD is considering an amendment to their anti-discrimination policies, that would require school staff to “out” children and teens to their parents: meaning teachers will be forced to speak with parents if they believe students are LGBTQ+.

Apart from being unnecessary from a health and safety point of view, this policy would be in direct opposition to the privacy guidelines set by the State Board of Education and all students’ right to privacy as enshrined in CA State Law. This is because this kind of policy puts teens at risk of violence, discrimination and homelessness if kicked out by unsupportive parents. Unsupportive homes are one reason why LGBTQ+ teens experience homelessness at drastically higher rates than their straight peers.

Such actions have been attempted and challenged in other districts around the state. The motivation behind these actions is to discourage students from being themselves at school. Fortunately, CA law is on the side of students and privacy, and similar actions such as at Chino Valley USD have been halted by CA courts. A similar action by Clovis USD drew 87 community members to come speak out against the action.

The LGBT Community network is opposed to all actions that attempt to curb the civil rights of LGBTQ+ people, especially our vulnerable teens. Community members who are concerned about LGBTQ+ freedoms, and privacy for all people, are encouraged to attend this public board meeting and comment at 530 Keystone Blvd, Patterson CA 95363, PDC II, at 7PM on 1/8/2024.


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