A survey of the history of queer politics in Merced

Hey friends! LGBTQ+ Merced is working on a new project. We are creating a ‘zine (short, self-published book) about the history of queer politics in Merced County, California.

Have experience to share? Please fill out this form.

This form is for LGBTQ+ identified folks who have lived in Merced County and remember, interacted with, or were otherwise involved in queer politics or initiatives in Merced County over the last few decades. This means you remember or were a part of PFLAG, the original pride center on G Street, or any of the many local orgs, then and now. This includes GLSEN Merced, the Merced LGBTQ Alliance, the Pride Center at the MAC, and more.

Your entries here will be used in a short publication (‘zine) about the history of queer politics in Merced. By entering your responses, you agree to have selected quotes published by LGBTQ Merced, both in the ‘zine and on the web and social media.

Please enter your name, and pseudonym if desired, exactly as you would like to be quoted. You must enter your real name and a contact method in order for facts to be verified and clarified if need be before publication. LGBTQ+ Merced will keep your real name in the strictest confidentiality, and this information will be deleted after the information provided can be verified for publication.

Enter your submission here (google form)


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