LGBTQ+ Roundtable with Esmeralda Soria

A few weeks ago, LGBTQ Merced was excited to be invited to participate in a leadership roundtable put together by the California Assemblywoman Esmeralda Soria. Participants from across the 27th District included Cal Pride Valle Central, BlaQueer, Planned Parenthood, UC Merced including the Community and Labor Center, and the new HEARTS club- an LGBTQ+ org within Merced College.

The queer community in Merced has been divided for too long. We are not the only community to have splinters- most cities have multiple queer organizations for a variety of reasons. The difference is that there are actors in Merced that have explicitly worked to exclude and silence other voices. However, we at LGBTQ Merced know that there is room in any town for a variety of voices.

This roundtable was proof that many organizations can come together in solidarity and common purpose. Assemblywoman requested that the group meet again to discuss and decide upon 3 common goals related to the health and equity of LGBTQ+ people in the Central Valley. We are thrilled to be a part of such a discussion, and are very much looking forward to this, and many other organizing projects that we are currently working on.


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